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You Belong At The Center of Your Portfolio

We believe in creating sound financial strategies that help you successfully reach your goals.


Welcome to goal-driven strategies that put you in the driver's seat.

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My experience may help direct your financial future. I pride ourselves on being an integral part of our clients' lives.

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Honor. Integrity. Commitment. My values are at the forefront of my practice and guide every decision I make.

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How Income Taxes Work

How Income Taxes Work

A quick look at how federal income taxes work.
Countdown to College

Countdown to College

Preparing for college means setting goals, staying focused, and tackling a few key milestones along the way.

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Chris Dolan

Senior Financial Planner

Katherine Schoen

Vice President Baird Capital-US Private Equity

Leo Whitt

Business Owner Solutions Managing Director

Nic Reisenbichler

Manager of Investment Products

Rick Holman

Senior Estate Planner

Scott Grenier

Manager of Estate Planning | Senior Vice President

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